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The company’s capabilities in the fields of production of caviar and elephant meat on the shores of Talesh are similar to sea conditions, production and reproduction of sturgeon fry, product delivery throughout the year and export of caviar to all countries of the world.

If Iranian caviar is grown naturally, it is far from any lead and mercury agents. Therefore, micronutrients and salt in the Caspian Sea water can create conditions for organic fish farming and caviar production, which can be important in taste, flavor and competition in the world.

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The company has tried to monitor the sturgeon breeding conditions, similar to the conditions of the main habitat of these fish in the Caspian Sea, in the coastal basins using the Caspian Sea water to breed them with the best quality so that both the meat of this fish and its caviar to be first class in terms of taste.

The export value of this product is very high. For example, one kilogram of caviar produced by this company is equal to 25 barrels of crude oil in the country. One of the important issues in the sturgeon industry is Iran’s valuable position in the world market. This issue has made the name of Iran come to the minds of consumers whenever there is talk of caviar all over the world.

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